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Managing Director


When we speak of technology, it is easy to get carried away and think of autonomous machinery and mass-scale 3D printing, but technology isn’t always necessarily so futuristic. Take the advent of sustainable construction for example: with the requests for green homes rising to 64% in 2018 we will see the industry’s dependence on technology grow further. Even the simple hard hat is being given a smart makeover.

Yes, we have come a long way from the days of doing everything with pen and paper - that’s not to say that the construction industry is a walk in the park - but with the help of technology we are seeing efficiencies increase and incidents of accidents and delays decrease. When I think of the most prevalent technological advancements that we have seen, there are many - but here are a handful that I feel have the biggest potential to have the most profound effect on our industry:


Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technologies allow us to visualize space before it’s built. Virtual walk-throughs, accurate measurements and material details are highly beneficial features for construction companies.


Computerized design helps improve performance systems and procurement, enabling various issues to be tackled even before construction begins, and as a consequence - reducing the risk of errors.


If you are having to manage more than one project at a time, dedicated applications can be very helpful in organizing different projects. Unlike humans – software will never forget important details or dates.


Drones can be a fantastic tool for mapping job sites, reporting project changes and updating clients with the latest information – especially in difficult to reach areas.

It is indeed an exciting time to work in the construction industry, and I personally am very excited to see the integration of many of the above into the scope of our offering.




The importance of time management with
our deputy GM and HR Manager



Deputy GM & HR Manager


In the construction industry we are generally measured by our ability to deliver projects on time and on budget. I appreciate that it’s cliché to say that “time is money”, but in our field – more than most – it is absolutely true. With every time delay we see costs increase, the two unfortunately go hand-in-hand, and if our aim is to truly deliver projects on time and on budget – we really need to ensure our time is spent most effectively. Below are a few more reasons why I believe time management is of the utmost importance, for us as individuals and as colleagues:


With the proper utilization of time, and more effective time management, we can easily achieve a better quality of work. Prioritization helps you focus on important tasks, which in turn enables us to work on them with full focus – and in effect, the quality of work is improved.


When you learn to take control of your time, you improve your ability to focus. With increased focus comes better efficiency as you keep the momentum throughout your day – resulting in a more efficient working day, in less time.


There are times when employees feel overwhelmed by workload. This doesn’t only hamper productivity but also takes a toll on your mental and physical health. Managing time is an easy and effective way to get on top of any potentially overwhelming tasks, enabling you to prioritize and plan accordingly.


With this decreased stress & anxiety, and increased effectiveness, the result will be a much more enjoyable day-to-day experience. Keeping things under control in your professional life can give you more time to focus on your personal life and relationships. As you feel calmer and less stressed, your quality of life improves automatically.




Awarded Projects In 2018


Ideally situated next to its own water canal and 800m marina promenade, Al Dar Properties’ Water's Edge is set to be a tranquil retreat in the heart of Yas Island. These waterfront apartments are due for completion in December 2020 after a 975-day construction process, with construction, completion, testing and maintenance being carried out by Trojan General Contracting. Designed with families in mind, Water's Edge offers its residents apartments ranging from spacious studios to 3-bedroom homes within close proximity to the tranquil waters of the canal. With a built-up area of 340,174.93 sqm, the development will feature a community mosque, community centre, landscaped gardens, fully equipped gyms, pools, a jogging track, and a waterfront boardwalk lined with cafés, restaurants and shops.



Projects awarded to Trojan General Contracting

A collaboration between Trojan General Contracting and The Lagoons Phase One LLC, 17 Icon Bay is set to offer premium waterfront living at Dubai’s Creek Harbor. With views of Dubai’s very own icon, Burj Khalifa, 17 Icon Bay is situated in the sought-after Island District, an idyllic location for the city’s community of families. With a charming mix of 1, 2 and 3-bedroom apartments, and a total value of AED 263 million, 17 Icon Bay is expected to complete by mid-April 2021. TGC will be responsible for the construction, execution, completion, testing, commissioning, maintenance and remedying of any subsequent defects. The total built-up area of the development will be 71,000 m2.



Located in the heart of La Mer, the 366-room Rove La Mer will offer guests a value-conscious, modern and fuss-free hospitality experience in a tech-driven environment. Once complete, guests will enjoy a 24-hour boutique convenience store, outdoor pool, sundecks, 24-hour gym, 24-hour self-service laundromat, and more in a uniquely creative setting.

With a total contract value of AED 140.5 million, Trojan General Contracting will be responsible for the construction, execution, completion, testing, commissioning, maintenance, and remedying of any defects on the development.

Project duration is 18 months, with the expected completion to be in early May 2020.

Sidra Villas

With an approximate built up area of 107,438.30 sqm, Dubai Hills Estate LLC awarded Trojan General Contracting with the construction, execution, completion, testing, commissioning and maintenance of 339 villas at Sidra 3 Community. Located in Dubai the project is set to take 24 months to complete.



Projects awarded to National Projects & Construction

Construction of Over Bridges

Dubai Hills Estate has awarded the construction of all infrastructure and ancillary works including any post completion works of over bridge 1 & 2 in Dubai Hills Estate Development to National Projects and Constructions. The AED 45 million project will take up to 12 months to complete.


Madinat Al Arab Infrastructure

Located at the Waterfront in Jebel Ali, Dubai the project's scope of work involves the infrastructure work at Madinat Al Arab with an approximate 522-hectare site with 266 mixed-use land plots. The project includes a road network, including earthworks, paving, signage and markings, water supply network, sewage collection and disposal system including three pumping stations, stormwater and subsurface drainage system, irrigation network including reservoirs and pumping stations, power supply and street lighting, chilled water network and associated control system (excluding the DCP), gas system (corridor only). The testing and verification of existing work as well as carrying out remedial work to the partially completed services network is also under the project’s scope. The project is estimated to be valued at AED 600 million and is expected to take 48 months to complete.


Khalifa City - Street 17 & Street 40 Infrastructure

National Projects and Constructions has been awarded by the Department of Urban Planning and Municipalities with the construction of all infrastructure & ancillary works of Street 17 and 40 in Khalifa City. The scope of work also includes any post completion works. The project is expected to be completed after 24 months.



Projects awarded to Reem Emirates Aluminum

The Masdar Institute Neighbourhood

Reem Emirates Project has been awarded with the Masdar Institute Neighbourhood project. Set to span 56,200 sqm and comprised of nine buildings, the project will provide residential accommodation for Masdar Institute students, corporate residences, and an office building. Located in Abu Dhabi, the project’s scope of work includes designing, fabricating, supplying and installing aluminum and glazing works. Retail areas located within the buildings and public spaces are also part of the scope of work.


IL Primo the Luxury high-end residential tower is located in the heart of Dubai Downtown within Opera District on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard next to Burj Khalifa, the most prestigious square kilometer on earth. Emaar awarded the project to Reem Emirates Project to perform the following: Design, fabrication, supply and installation of aluminum and glazing works.

Reem Emirates has successfully been awarded with the new SABIC headquarters building located at the New City Centre in Jubail Industrial City, Saudi Arabia. The new headquarters will be built in the industrial hub of Jubail. The new corporate complex of SABIC has six components, with a total built-up area of 280,000 sqm. The offices for the executives have been divided into two separate facilities, which includes the main 25-storey tower building and a separate office block. The project also includes a data center, a ground plus eight-floor parking structure and a sports center with swimming pools, squash courts and fitness centers etc.

Reem Emirates Project was awarded the Address Residences project by Emaar which includes performing the design, fabrication, supply and installation of aluminum and glazing works. The Address Residences Dubai Opera stands beside the Burj Khalifa Lake, where a dazzling waterfront area is planned to encompass Burj Park. Located at the entrance to Dubai Opera, the opulent, integrated residential environment is being heralded as one of the world’s most coveted luxury urban addresses.



Projects awarded to Hitech

Security Forces Medical Center

The Government of Saudi Arabia (Ministry of Interior – Security Forces Medical Centre - Riyadh) awarded Hitech Concrete with the design, manufacture, transport, erection and structural construction of family apartments type-1&2, single apartments type-1,2,3&4, villa type-3 cladding and boundary wall, car parks, hospital cladding and stairs, utility buildings cladding and site boundary wall using precast concrete elements. The project is located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and is currently in progress.



Emirati Housing Development

Inspired by the Abu Dhabi 2030 initiative, Jebel Hafeet, Al Ain, is a community tailored exclusively to the Emirati way of living. Complete with 3,000 housing units, NPC managed the necessary infrastructure work. The community is home to 8 mosques, schools, retail units, a women’s center and medical center. The mosques were built using traditional Emirati designs, including minimalist exterior styling, shaded outdoor spaces and earthy color schemes. The project is designed and built by Trojan General Contracting.

Ain Al Fayda Project

Awarded by Musanada/Ain Al Fayda Real Estate the design and build of the Ain Al Fayda Government Villas was completed by Trojan General Contracting in early 2018. With 2000 villas designed and built in Al Ain, the government compounds will house a top range of facilities and amenities in these charming abodes.



The Local Hotel

Built to celebrate the close ties between Chechnya and the UAE, the aptly named The Local Hotel offers a hub of Middle Eastern charm and hospitality in the region. The hotel’s architecture features traditional wind towers, or barjeels, and traditional Arabic facades; while the colors, materials, elements, and art further add to the Arabian ambience of the hotel.

This sumptuous 5-Star hotel features a banquet hall, meeting rooms, restaurants, cigar lounge, health center, swimming pool, gym, spa, sauna, steam rooms and a tennis court for the guests in its 120 palatial rooms.



Al Noor Tower

Located in Reem Island, the mobilization and setup of the site facilities of Al Noor Tower was awarded to Trojan General Contracting by Royal Development Company LLC. The project was completed and handed over in April 2018.


Nareel Island Infrastructure

NPC completed the construction of all infrastructure and ancillary works. The scope of work consisted of fencing and safety barriers, earthwork, road and paving works, kerb works, traffic signs and road marking, potable water and fire water, network, power, street lighting, telecommunication, sewerage, irrigation, irrigation pump station and reservoir, surface water drainage, gas network, landscape work, guard house, marina works and operation and maintenance all in accordance to drawings and specifications at Al Nareel Island, Abu Dhabi, UAE. The Island has been marketed by Aldar as one of the most desirable new addresses in the capital. The development consists of 148 villa plots as well as a lagoon, marina, clubhouse, parks, private beaches and gardens.


Al Merief Infrastructure

The development was designed to create a distinctive place that combines Emirati traditions with the very best modern amenities, spread over a total area of 69 hectares. The development consists of 281 villas, 8 apartments, 2 mosques, a school, a community retail facility and club house.

Located in Abu Dhabi NPC’s scope of work compromised the delivery of infrastructure services (roads and utilities) to service a development of 281 residential villas, 8 residential buildings, 2 mosques, 1 school and 1 community center as well as the street scape and landscaping of open areas, and ground improvement for silt and clay filled sand.


Reem Island – Sector RT2 and RT3 Infrastructure

The construction of all infrastructure and ancillary works such as demolition and site clearance works, earthworks, road and paving works, works for telecom, street lighting works, power, CCTV works, gas works, irrigation works, potable water works, sewerage works, storm water drainage works was all completed in Reem Island, Abu Dhabi for the infrastructure of Sector RT2 and RT3 by National Projects and Constructions.


Axis Tower

Located in Manchester in the United Kingdom, Reem Emirates completed the design, fabrication, supply and installation of aluminum and glazing works of Axis Tower. Awarded by Russells Con Ltd. the scope of work took 12 months to complete.


W Hotel

W Hotel – The Palm: a 364-key luxury hotel featuring six gourmet food and beverage (F&B) outlets, including three speciality restaurants, a poolside restaurant and bar, a shisha lounge, and a lobby lounge. Reem Emirates Aluminum was awarded by Al Sahrq Investments to design, fabricate, supply and install aluminum and glazing works. Located on the Palm Jumeirah the project took 12 months to complete.






Mr. Ahmad Am Ali

General Manager


1.Quality seems to be a very important aspect in RRM, how do you ensure it is maintained?
a. Fine Tune Your Supply Chain

From sourcing materials and manufacturing goods to arrange shipping and maintaining inventory, your supply chain impacts every face of your business. Let one ball drop, and the rest come crashing down. Find reputable partners (supplier) to assure quality so your supply chain doesn’t hit any inconvenient snags. If your suppliers, logistics Company, or other vendors fail to meet your expectations, find someone new. Don’t be afraid to terminate poor business relationships. Otherwise, you could end up with unsatisfied customers.

b. Follow and commit the established strong processes and system

If you don’t take the time to establish standard practices for your departments and integrate them into an ERP control system, you can’t maintain consistent quality in your products, customer service, or other aspects of your business operations.

c. Set KPI for each department and monitor them

2. How did the advances in concrete and cement technology enhance RRM?
a. Fine Tune Your Supply Chain

Reem Readymix does not 'simply manufacture concrete', but develops solutions based on thorough knowledge and application of concrete technology. Leveraging years of experience, Reem Ready Mix offers its customers concrete that is fit for their different needs.

Reem Readymix concrete are able to modify the properties of concrete through the use of innovative chemical admixtures, combined with the proper proportions of the various cementitious material (silica fume, GGBS, Fly ash) to produce high strength concrete, green concrete and self-compacting concrete. For example, depending on the type of application and jobsite requirements, we can design concrete that has more flow, is stronger, develops strength faster, and also retains workability longer.

Sustainable Benefits of Ready-Mix Concrete:

a. Continuously work to improve the properties of concrete that make it a key component of sustainable construction
b. Durability
c. Resistance to aggressive environment
d. Light reflection

We also constantly work to develop innovative solutions that advance the sustainability of structures made with concrete. In this way, our customers can design sustainable buildings that can take advantage of the benefits of concrete in a wide range of applications.


3. Moving towards a sustainable future, what role does concrete play in sustainable development?

Cement is the key ingredient in concrete manufacture. Significant quantities of CO2 are emitted as part of cement production. Ready Mix producers have developed strategies to minimize their CO2 emissions, by using supplementary cementitious materials like GGBS, Fly ash and Silica fume. These cementitious are an industrial by-product and their CO2 emission is less.

Water Efficiency (WE): Concrete manufacturing conserves potable water use. Admixtures are used part of the operations and manufacturing processes to reduce the water requirement of the mix and recycling water that has already been used in the process thereby reducing and conserving the use of potable water. Admixtures reduce the amount of Portland cement which in turn reduces the CO2 contribution and footprint. Process water and storm water is continuously captured and reused for truck cleaning and slurry is used as an ingredient back into the manufacturing process for zero discharge from the facility. For rejected concrete, we recycle the aggregate by selling them for road Construction Company.

4. What do you believe are the ready-mix concrete and cement industry trends for 2019?

From real estate research and expectations: 2019 will see the same level of growth in the real estate, construction, and manufacturing sectors, as we saw in 2018, property prices are expected to continue to decline in 2019 as we are most likely to see the materialisation of residential supply double, if not triple, the number of units from past years.

5. How do you motivate your staff?

1- Offer opportunities for self-development by giving internal and external training
2- Encourage happiness and good work atmosphere
3- Set clear department objective
4- Don’t micromanage
5- Communicate with the staff
6- Make people feel appreciated for their effort
7- Support new ideas
8- Encourage creativity
9- Give everyone opportunities to grow
10- Engage the team with the decisions to feel their importance to the organization

6. Mention major challenges you face and how you overcome them.

Concrete volume sustainability with the severe market competition.The supply of concrete is more than the demand in the market in the last 4 years. This leads into severe competition. Reem Readymix succeeded to sustain their business by increasing our concrete volume in the last 3 years which is as follows:

2016: 643,679 m3

2017: 671,063 m3

2018: 802,818 m3

We overcame this problem by being customer oriented and not project oriented. We have succeeded in retaining loyal customers that became like our business partners giving all their projects to Reem Readymix due to our excellent quality of service and high attention to detail which lead to a high customer satisfaction. As a result, Reem Readymix became the preferred supplier for many contractors, consultants and clients.




The Abu Dhabi EDITION Hotel


Royal Advance Electromechanical Works has successfully completed the first Marriott EDITION Hotel in Abu Dhabi. The project, located in Marina Bloom was granted approval by the USA Marriott team, has up to 198 guest rooms and 57 exclusively serviced residences, with a range of luxury amenities, including: two pools, a state-of-the-art fitness center and spa. The 7th hotel in the exclusive ‘EDITIONS’ chain, EDITION Abu Dhabi is one of only 10 hotels across the world to be considered part of this illustrious group.


Eng. Hani Fathi El-Sayed

Project Manager - MEP

3) What major challenges and problems did you face in this project and how did you overcome them?

The major challenge was to execute the MEPs' work in-line with the changes of ID design and the proper and close co-ordination for creating availability of work-front to allied different subcontractors in order to get better results in short time. The main problem was to maintain such challenge with a high standard and quality that suits a trademark such as Marriot.

1. Briefly mention the scope of work that Royal Advance (RA) performed in The Edition Hotel.

Royal Advance has performed the supply, installation, testing and commissioning of all the mechanical, electrical and plumbing work as well as the execution of very special low current systems designed by the most popular expertise houses from USA and UK.

2. Describe The Abu Dhabi EDITION Hotel project in a few words.

The Abu Dhabi EDITION is a boutique hotel boasting the highest rating among the hotels under the Marriot International umbrella and is the first Edition in the region. The hotel features 198 guest rooms and 57 exclusively serviced residences. Unique food and beverage outlets include 2 signature restaurants, a gourmet market, lobby bar, pool bar and a 3-story nightclub. Two pools, a state-of-the-art fitness center and spa with 7 treatment rooms are also available for hotel guests. The hotel also has over 900 sqm of meeting and event space including several meeting studios, ballrooms and boardrooms.

4. What are different kinds of project management tools you worked with?

Dashboards which update overall tasks and breakdown of various activities.

5. How did you keep your team focused?

By implementing a timesheet of work packages and breakdown of each individual activity, as well as the combined one for all the MEP to deliver any area to the subsequent activity belongs others.

6. What, according to you, is an important skill for a project manager to succeed?

The most important skill is to know how to encourage the project team to enhance their capability for more advanced tasks and to delegate limited responsibilities with proper monitoring to their reaction against such.

7. What was your biggest takeaway from this project?

Professional team who can execute any mega projects under any kind of pressure.



Completing ‘Share’ Initiative



Trojan Holding has completed its ‘Share’ initiative in partnership with Emirates Red Crescent (ERC), which resulted in thousands of items of clothing and children’s toys being donated to families in need.

The initiative was undertaken by Trojan Holding in September 2017 as part of its ‘Year of Giving’ CSR campaigns. Trojan placed 45 1sqm sized collection boxes in various locations across the capital such as malls and humanitarian centres, to encourage members of the Abu Dhabi public to donate clothes and toys to less fortunate families in the UAE.


Extension of 100 TYE educational initiative

An initiative to inspire university students to become the UAE’s next generation of engineers has been extended.

The 100 Trojan Young Engineers project was run in partnership with University of Sharjah, American University of Sharjah and Al Ghurair University.

Due the success of the initiative and the positive feedback received from the universities and the students the initiative opened up for a further 100 students to attend some of Trojan’s live constructions sites.



The third tranche of students recently visited the site of the Maple development in Dubai Hills, where 562 villas are currently under construction, where they were talked through the various stages of the construction process - from start through to completion. Students were able to gain first-hand experience of the day-to-day activities on a construction site and get an insight into the different types of roles on a project. Following a friendly competition, seven students were awarded a six-week internship at Trojan Holding.

Trojan Holding plans to extend its highly successful education initiative for a fourth year and aims to include more universities in its next cycle.

The project is led by the Managing Director of Trojan Holding Engineer Hamad Al Ameri who, as a qualified engineer, is well-aware of the importance of young engineers to the future of the UAE and is committed to helping them build their skills, experience and leadership qualities.

Eng. Hamad Al Ameri said: “Inspired by the UAE’s 2021 vision and the dedication of our leadership to nurturing the next generation of young talent, we firmly believe in the importance of empowering our young people."

“The 100 Trojan Young Engineers project is an important way for students to put into practice the theoretical knowledge they gain at university. Not only is it the best way to learn, but it also provides an insight into the exciting career opportunities in engineering available after graduation.

“Our partnership with some of the UAE’s leading universities has been a resounding success therefore we are delighted to be able to extend the project further.”



Highlighted events in 2018


Keeping our workers warm

As an ongoing drive to ensure the wellbeing of our workers, we have taken steps to protect them from the cooler climate this winter. On January 14th, over 1100 workers on the Mudon development, Arabella I and J, were given winter jackets to help with the cold conditions; we hope that it helps them stay warm and productive for the remainder of the winter months.


Mudon Milestone Achievement Event: A celebration of excellence

To mark the first milestone achievement of the Mudon development, Trojan Holding held a celebratory event on Wednesday, April 25th at the Arabian Ranches Golf Club. The event, which outlined the milestone achievement of completing the first 245 villas of the project, was attended by esteemed guests and colleagues. As well as an informative presentation, guests were able to enjoy a buffet lunch and entertainment from guest magician and illusionist, Fred Sharp. As a token of appreciation to all project partners, Dubai Properties, North 25, James Cubitt and Partners and Trojan General Contracting were each awarded for their astounding contributions to the development.


Labors Day celebration by REA Management

In the occasion of Labors Day, REA Management celebrates this occasion on site with laborers, appreciating their efforts and contribution to the success of the company.

Call cards were distributed to laborers to extend their celebrations and happiness with their families.

People are our core asset, who we can rely on in building sustainable growth.


Blood Donation Camp 2018

In collaboration with the Sheikh Khalifa Medical City in Abu Dhabi, a blood donation drive was hosted at the Trojan Holding head office. The drive scheduled for one day (July 31st) was extended to August the 3rd due to the exceptionally high turn out of donors. More than 100 members of the Trojan Holding family participated in the cause, proudly affirming the spirit of generosity inherent in all those who represent Trojan Holding.



Heat Stress Awareness Program

People are our main asset, REA management and QHSE team participated at Heat Stress Awareness Program conducted at Masdar City project site.


NAPCO appreciation award to Reem Emirates

NAPCO appreciation award to Reem Emirates Aluminum at their annual gala dinner. Award received by REA GM Naser Al Marzooqi.


Reem Readymix 10 Year Anniversary

Reem Readymix LLC has successfully completed 10 years of operations and celebrated 10th RRM day on 23rd September 2018.

Reem Readymix LLC is a leading supplier of all types of readymix concrete and cement-based plastering materials. We use the latest technology and equipment, and our experienced personnel have expertise in all concrete-related services, from production to final product placing.


Mock up drill at Water’s Edge Project

Under the directive and guidance of the Abu Dhabi Civil Defence General Directorate, a successful mock drill to extinguish a major fire and to evacuate construction site workforce and offices staff at Water’s Edge Project, Yas Island on Sunday, October 28, 2018.





Head of Contracts and Claims



Project Director for 3,000 villas

project in Al Ain


It is never easy saying goodbye, but when it comes to saying goodbye to two prominent members of the Trojan family, it is doubly hard.

On September 27th, we celebrated the careers of Dr. Kobus Grobler, who retired; and Eng. Hasan Qureshi who’s project recently came to an end.

At the event, to wish Kobus and Hasan well, were Eng. Hamag Al Ameri, and Mr. Emad Al Janabi, who presented gifts and hosted proceedings. During the event we learnt about the pair’s contributions to the organization and heard some heartfelt messages shared by their colleagues.


Of Dr. Kobus, colleagues remarked:


“I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude that you chose to complete this chapter of your life as part of the Trojan family. I hope your next chapter is as rewarding as the last and wish that you are able to treasure the times you had at Trojan.”

Emad Al Janabi - HR and Admin Manager.


“Since 10 years we are dealing together I learned much experience from you for the contracting issues, 10 years passed like a minute, I wish you the best in your life.”

Islam Mahmoud Amer - Deputy Project Director.


And of Eng. Hasan:


“You’ve been so dependable, supportive, encouraging, and honest during your time here. Your new place is incredibly lucky to have you. Keep doing great things and wishing you all the best.”

Elsayed Khalil Meselhi Abdelrahman - Project Manager – Infrastructure.


“It is always a somber occasion when we say goodbye to a member of the team, but I look back with fond memories. Best of luck in your next role, and I hope that it offers you as much enjoyment as your time with Trojan.”

Eng. Hamad Al Ameri - Managing Director.



Eng. Hasan and Dr. Kobus joined Trojan on July 2014, and August 2008, respectively.



UAE Flag Day Celebrations

On the 1st of November, Eng. Hamad Al Ameri, Managing Director of Trojan Holding raised the UAE flag along with staff to celebrate UAE Flag Day. He expressed his appreciation to the UAE leadership. He conveyed his loyalty to the Union established by the Founding Fathers and wishes the country, people and leadership many happy returns of the day.





Hitech at Big 5

Between November 26th and 29th, a small group of Hitech employees took part in the BIG 5 summit at Dubai World Trade Centre. The Big 5 is the region’s largest and most influential event for the construction industry, showcasing 360-degree building solutions across key product sectors, including: MEP services, Building Interiors and Finishes, Building Envelope and Special Construction, Construction Tools and Building Materials, and Construction Technology and Innovation. The event, which gathers buyers and manufacturers of construction products from around the world, The Big 5 also offers an inspirational educational agenda, with two high-level conferences and dozens of CPD-certified workshops.

Attending the event were Ruman Afrin, Basem Dabbas, and Ghazi Saab; commenting on the event, they said:

“It was a fantastic experience being immersed with our industry’s best and brightest. We’re thoroughly looking forward to bringing our learnings back to Hitech.”


World Diabetes Day

Reem Emirates Aluminum organized with the participation of Al Ahalia Hospital an awareness lecture and conducted medical examinations.


Yas Water's Edge

Aldar Properties PJSC recognized Trojan General Contracting LLC for their valued contribution in achieving ONE MILLION WORKED MAN-HOURS WITHOUT A LOST TIME INJURY at Yas Water Edge Project.

Our excitement with the award does not only come from the recognition of our achievement, but from the celebration of the long-standing culture that such an award commends.



Commemoration Day

On Thursday 29th November, colleagues and managers gathered together at the Trojan Holding HQ Flagpole, to hold a minute of silence for all those who passed in battle. The ceremony, hosted by Eng. Hamad Al Ameri, was a somber occasion where attendees reflected on the sacrifices made and praised those who served for the country we all call home.



UAE National Day Celebrations

This year’s event took place on Wednesday, 28th November at Trojan Holding HQ, the 47th UAE National Day saw attendance from over 350 employees, senior management and our MD, Eng. Hamad Al Ameri. Attendees were invited to enjoy the national anthem ceremony, cake cutting, luqaimat as well as a lunch buffet while taking in words of encouragement from Eng. Hamad Al Ameri. We hope that the event acts as a reminder of the gratitude we should all hold towards the UAE, as we remember the courage and strength shown by our Founding Fathers 47 years ago.



Publications in 2018




21 June 2018

Eng. Hamad Al Ameri, featured on the front page in the 100th Edition of Emirates Projects Magazine UAE.

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2 July 2018

The Managing Director of construction group Trojan Holding, Eng Hamad Al Ameri, returns to Construction Week’s Power 100 list.

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09 July 2018

Trojan Holding executes real estate projects worth AED 10 billion.



09 Oct 2018

Eng. Hamad Al Ameri, Managing Director of Trojan Holding outlines the path of long term success in Big Project Middle East.

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